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Our mission is to simplify and streamline fundraising call time so campaigns can focus on what matters—engaging and persuading voters.

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Upload all of your contacts and easily view them in one place


Speed up call time with an integrated dialer and digital note-taking


Works with NGP and ActBlue so you never have to upload anything manually

No more manual systems


Smart folders for organizing all your contacts

Automatically track updates to donor contact history and completed donations from ActBlue and NGP.

Integrated dialer makes calling easy and handsfree

Self-dialing platform speeds up call time—no buttons to press and no delay on the other end.

See all donor data in one place

See donor information, research notes, call notes, and contact history in one simple view.


For Candidates:

Spend less time on the phone and more time with voters.

Easily see and share all donor notes, research, and contact history while dialing.

Automatically share call notes with staff for follow-up.

For Staff:

Automated pledge tracking and follow-up support.

No data entry and no candidate staffing required.

Take back time and money spent on fundraising.

For Democracy:

With an efficient fundraising platform, candidates spend less time on the phone and more time listening to voters while staying financially competitive.

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